Serena Williams's Just Gave Herself a Post-Baby Hair Makeover

Photo: Jacopo Raule/Getty Images

The reason behind Serena Williams’s hair makeover is as relatable as they come. "I needed a change." That’s what the tennis pro wrote on Instagram when she debuted her new all-over caramel-colored highlights.

The color change seems incredibly natural, which makes us wonder if its the handiwork of the balayage technique, a method where colorists hand paint highlights to mimic where the sun hits your strands.

While the norm is going darker for winter, the highlights work to warm up her entire base, making it the perfect and unexpected option for the colder months ahead. It's also the first major hair change she's made after becoming a mom and getting married to Alexis Ohanian. It's actually the perfect choice for a new mom who might not have time for regular salon appointments, as the highlights are placed in a way that will work with new growth.

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This is a big change for Williams, considering she hasn’t worn her hair light, or closer to the blonde spectrum in quite some time. For the past few years, she’s stuck to her signature dark hair color.

Take this as a reminder that change is definitely good.

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