Pregnant Serena Williams Wants You to Help Pack Her Hospital Bag

There are a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to the infamous "hospital bag" you pack when preparing to give birth. What should you put in it? How early should you start prepping?

Serena Williams has been asking herself the same things, and she decided to seek the help of other moms to get some answers. Appropriately, the tennis star used her fiancé Alexis Ohanian's social media website, Reddit, to gather advice for her upcoming delivery.

Williams posted to the r/mommit page to crowdsource info about hospital bags. In her post, she wrote: "When did you pack your hospital bag? 1 month before? 6 weeks? 8 weeks? I'm totally stalling. But I have a lot of time still.... I think..."

The 35-year-old also sought insights on what to pack, writing, "Anything you didn't expect to need that I'll really appreciate having in there?"

As expected, dozens of moms came to the rescue, doling out helpful tips for the mother-to-be.

One user recommended prepping two weeks in advance: "2wks before expected date; if you haven't already, start packing, baby & momma essentials now ...don't forget netflix."

However, several other posts recommended packing 30 days before, just in case baby comes early. Other must-have items recommended by users included lip balm, snacks, a hairbrush, and a stress ball. One person even said to bring a tennis ball to use as a back massager during labor—how appropriate!

Some moms also weighed in on what NOT to bring: "I swear, don't listen to ppl who tell you to bring your own nightgowns, etc. That's just more laundry for you and yours later!"

Williams certainly got some good advice for when her baby arrives. And we're counting down the days just like she is!

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