When can we fit in a barre class?

By Christopher Luu
Updated Oct 17, 2019 @ 6:15 pm

Like her mom Serena Williams, 2-year-old Alexis Olympia Ohanian is all about expressing her personal style. In a clip posted to Williams's Instagram Stories, the tiny dancer is seen wearing a pink tutu that's ready for a dance recital. People notes that the footage was posted on Tuesday and that the kiddo was pulling her mom's arm, saying, "Mama," as the tennis superstar filmed it all on her phone.

Olympia (or whoever dressed her that day) paired the blush tutu with a long-sleeved top embellished with a crown (appropriate), hearts, and stars. People adds that pink seems to be a color that Olympia's gravitating toward, since she's been dressing in it pretty often.

Credit: Instagram/SerenaWilliams
Credit: Instagram/SerenaWilliams

Dancing's not new to Olympia, either. She's got a ballerina doll that's such a big part of her life that it has its own Instagram account. Qai Qai has multiple tutus and accompanies Olympia (and her famous parents) on trips around the world. There's no news on whether or not Olympia's enrolling in dance classes or if she's just making like Qai Qai and living her best life in a tutu, but it's enough to make just about anyone look into barre class. Tutus may not be standard issue for a ballet-inspired sweat session, but if Olympia makes it look this good, there's no reason not to take some inspo from a tiny icon.