By Lara Walsh
Updated Jul 24, 2017 @ 8:30 am

As Serena Williams continues her countdown to motherhood, she’s crossing “baby class” off of her to-do list.

Over the weekend, the tennis powerhouse confirmed that she’s a champion student, as she took to Snapchat to document her and fiancé, Alexis Ohanian’s, attempts at swaddling a baby—and her competitive side definitely came out to play.

One clip, titled “Baby class 101,” shows a baby swaddled in a blanket, which then transitions to a video of Williams's stellar swaddling skills, and her husband-to-be’s lack thereof.

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Credit: Serena Williams / Instagram

Putting the Reddit founder on the spot, the expectant mom can be heard saying, “Good swaddling, Serena. Yes!” before she panned over to Ohanian and his poorly-wrapped doll.

“Look at this student. Oh, what happened?” she teased.

She then jokingly bashed his skills even further. “Sir, that’s not how you carry the baby,” she said. Her visibly flustered partner lifted up the prop doll like a football and protested: “I can’t help it!”

Credit: Serena Williams / Instagram

Williams further proved that she’s got motherhood down on lock when she shared a glowing selfie of herself relaxing post-class.

Credit: Serena Williams / Instagram

The mom-to-be can now safely add “champion baby swaddler” to her long list of accolades!