Get yourself a lover that’ll satisfy your carb cravings, am I right?

About a week after Serena Williams competed in a Wimbledon final showdown (she lost the title to Angelique Kerber), she and husband Alexis Ohanian jetted off to Italy for a trip fit only for a tennis champion and the co-founder of Reddit. On Instagram, Ohanian joked about Williams’s cravings, and now, fans are living for it.

“She wanted Italian for dinner, so…” he wrote as the caption to a photo of them together, Williams sipping wine and enjoying the finer things in life. In the comments, fans commented about how dreamy their Venice photos looked. “Some day and soon, to drift slowly with my soulmate, in one of those gondolas in Venice.. Bucket list stuff,” wrote a particularly romantic follower.

Another user kept it real and relatable. “Aw I wanted Italian as well and all I got was Olive garden for my wedding anniversary lol I hope you enjoyed your trip God bless.” Same.

Ohanian also shared scenic shots from their stay, along with a photograph of Williams walking down the streets in a pink dress.

But nothing beats a video Williams shared from her stay. The overhead clip, filmed by drone, opens with a shot of Serena lying in bed, shortly before the camera zips into the sky to capture the view of her villa from above. Fab.

Last week, Williams inspired women the world over after dedicating her Wimbledon final to mothers (she gave birth to her first child with Ohanian, Alexis Olympia, only last September). “These past 2 weeks was a sound for all moms stay home and working you can do it you really can! I’m not any better or diff than any of you all. Your support has ment [sic] so much to me. Let’s keep making noise everyday in everything we do,” she wrote on Twitter.

Williams for President? Stranger things have happened.