By Sam Reed
Updated Jan 15, 2019 @ 11:45 am

Serena Williams has no time for the 7-year-old Lululemon running tights and the sorority tank hanging on its last thread that you (OK, I) wear to the gym. Her choice workout attire is, and always has been, more chic than shabby (ie. tutus and catsuits) but that probably comes with the territory when you're the best of the best at tennis and also an Anna Wintour-approved clothing designer.

2019 Australian Open - Day 2
Credit: James D. Morgan/Getty Images
2019 Australian Open - Day 2
Credit: James D. Morgan/Getty Images

On Monday evening, while competing in the Australian Open (the same tournament she won while pregnant in 2017) against Tatjana Maria, Williams waltzed onto the court in a green Nike bodysuit layered over fishnet tights. Yes, fishnets — once a staple of sad emo teens camped out in dad's station wagon for tickets to the Fall Out Boy World Tour — and Williams made them entirely her own.

The 37-year-old has previously worn tights and the aforementioned catsuit because the compression helps decrease the likelihood of blood clots forming in her limbs. And while we can't speak to the efficacy of fishnets as they pertain to this medical matter, they sure do look nice!

Twitter users compared her overall look to the Clovers uniform of Bring It On fame, and we definitely see it:

One fan also found that a broadcast network (it's unclear which) compared the social media following of Olympia Ohanian, Williams's one-year-old daughter, to that of both Maria and OLYMPIA'S DOLL, Qai Qai. (For what it's worth, the doll has more followers than me, too, Maria.)

If you haven't been keeping up with Williams's personal life, you may have missed that Olympia's favorite dolly has her own social media presence with thousands of followers. Thousands more, as this tweet points out, than a world-renowned tennis player. To rub salt in Maria's wounds, the German player lost to more than just the doll; she was easily defeated by Williams in the first match of the tournament.

All of this means that Williams will be returning to the court again tomorrow to face off in the next round, and we hope she brings the fishnets with her.