Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images
Alexis Bennett
Nov 04, 2015 @ 2:00 pm

Find out how Serena Williams saved the day by chasing down a would-be-bully who attempted to steal her phone. [Facebook]

Here are more must-clicks to visit during your lunch break:

1. The latest trailer for Julia Roberts and Nicole Kidman's Secret in Their Eyes is filled with intense jaw-dropping moments. [Huffington Post]

2. In an emotional video, a teenage Instagram star shares the crippling effects of social media fame. [Time]

3. Watch Kelly Clarkson and Josh Groban perfectly nail this Phantom of the Opera duet. [Vulture]

4. Don't miss the hilarious Amy Poehler and Carrie Brownstein officiating a spontaneous couple's wedding at a book signing. [Mashable]

5. Jared Leto is getting back to his musical roots with new Thirty Seconds to Mars tunes. [Billboard]

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