Serena Williams Won't Be Celebrating Her Daughter's First Birthday — Here's Why

Tutu-wearing tennis icon Serena Williams is doing her thing at the U.S. Open this week, but that’s hardly the only thing on her mind: she’s also busy doting on baby Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., whom she welcomed with her Reddit co-founder husband Alexis Ohanian Sr. on Sept 1, 2017.

Unless you’re really, really bad with dates, you’ve probably figured out that we’re just days out from baby Olympia’s first birthday. So how will Williams’s mini-me be celebrating? Um ... she won’t.

During a press conference on Saturday, the 36-year-old cleared up Olympia’s b-day plans (or, uh, lack thereof). “Olympia doesn’t celebrate birthdays,” she told reporters, explaining, “We’re Jehovah’s Witnesses, so we don’t do that.” File this under: Things We Should’ve Known About Serena Williams.

Anyway, it seems Olympia’s father doesn’t quite hold to the same religious constraints that Serena does. Here he is celebrating “Selexis Day” on April 24, aka his 35th birthday.

In fact, we interviewed Alexis Sr. in July and discussed his daughter’s upcoming milestone, and he wasn’t nearly as straightforward with his rejection of the celebration as Serena was, telling InStyle, “I feel like birthdays, especially at that age, are mostly for the parents. We’re not going to do a birthday party, but I would not be surprised if by the end of the year, we have some kind of baby-fest. We have so many friends who have young kids, so just get them all together in a room to watch them roll over on each other, and throw little balls at each other, or whatever little kids do when they hang out.”

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If a birthday party bears a new name, like “baby-fest,” does it still count as a religious affront … ? We’ll text our Jehovah’s Witness pals and get back to you.

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