"This is a good head stand."


From (possibly) shading her opponent at a match to flying her to Italy because she wanted Italian food, Serena Williams's husband, Alexis Ohanian, is setting a whole new gold standard for partners everywhere.

His latest move, however, might be his best yet.

In a series of Instagram stories the tennis champ posted to her account, her husband can be seen volunteering himself as a stand for one of her wigs — and a very adept one, at that.

"Of course I'm up on the wig craze and I just don't know how to clean my wigs and how to style them," Williams says in one of the videos. "But I did get this new wig head. It doesn't sit very still, but..."

The wig head in question, of course, is Ohanian.

Williams had just washed two of her wigs and proceeded to comb them on top of her husband's head while sat as still as he could. And honestly, we admire his serenity.

"This is a good headstand," she says at one point.

A good headstand and a good husband.