Serena Williams Calls Out Fiancé for Spoiling Their Daughter with Clothes and Toys

Apparently Alexis Ohanian Sr. is a little overzealous when it comes to his baby girl. Yesterday, Serena Williams took to Twitter to sweetly call out her fiancé for spoiling their newborn, Alexis Olympia Jr., and he clapped back in the cutest way!

Serena Williams

Ohanian and Williams welcomed their first child back in September, and it seems like the Reddit co-founder has been going overboard when it comes to buying baby goodies. The 36-year-old tennis star wasn't afraid to call him on it, either, tweeting that "I do love Alexis Sr. @alexisohanian but if he buys one more outfit or toy for Olympia @OlympiaOhanian I'm going to explode."

Of course, Ohanian had the perfect retort, tweeting back at his fiancée that "Books don't count!"

That's not the only time dad has spoiled his daughter, though. A few days ago, Ohanian posted an Instagram video explaining that he rented out a whole theater so he and Williams could take little Alexis to her first movie.

The family went to see Thor: Ragnarok, and of course, Williams fell asleep during it. Being a mom is hard work!

These two really are amazing parents—Alexis Olympia is one lucky little girl!

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