Serena Williams Says This Is the "Scariest Thing" About Becoming a Mom

Serena Williams is opening up about her pre-motherhood jitters.

The tennis powerhouse—who recently shared that the baby countdown is officially on with an adorable '50s-themed shower—admitted that she's starting to panic about giving birth and raising her bundle of joy as her due date draws near.

"I have never been around babies," the expectant star revealed in an interview with Australian magazine Stellar. "I need a Baby 101 class—they don't have one for the women! [Fiancé Alexis Ohanian] [will] probably know more [than me] after his four-hour course."

Serena Williams / Instagram

That being said, there's some preparation the mom-to-be admits she can do without.

"I don't think watching birthing videos helps," she confessed during the interview. "I actually think it makes it worse. Having a baby, nothing is guaranteed."

The 23-time Grand Slam winner also opened up about finding out she was pregnant and the "scariest thing" for her: getting back into tennis post-baby.

The world renowned athlete, who divulged that she does plan to bring her A-game to January's Australian Open, admitted, "That's the scariest thing, [but] I think [giving birth] will give me more strength, if that's possible, and a lot more confidence. I feel like I will be ready for anything."

And while the Williams might have made her mark in tennis, she did reveal that she's not expecting her offspring to follow in her footsteps.

Whatever they want to do, they can do," she said. "If they want to be a piano player, I'm here to support them. I'm not going to say, 'You have to play tennis.' I wouldn't even put a tennis racket in their hand. That may be a little bit of pressure. What they want to do is up to them."

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