The September InStyle Weighs as Much as Two Kittens! PS: You Can Adopt Them Now

September Issue - Kittens
Photo: Alex Reside

InStyle's September issue is the biggest and heaviest in the magazine's history, and we decided to film a cute Instagram video to see what would tip the scales further: Our 716-page issue, or two seven-week-old kittens. Turns out, the magazine and the kittens were of equal weight! Of course, no animals were harmed in the making of our video -- although a lot of cuddling, petting, and playing did take place -- and the kittens are currently available for adoption at New York City's Animal Haven Shelter. Located in downtown Manhattan, the non-profit organization has been working since 1967 to find homes for abandoned cats and dogs in the Tri-State area, in addition to providing behavior intervention services, and programs to strengthen the bond between animals and people. If you are interested in adopting one of the kittens from our video or another furry friend, call 212-274-8511, or visit! Plus, if you missed our adorable Instagram video, scroll down to watch it below.

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how our epic September issue came together.

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