By Erin Lukas
Updated May 23, 2018 @ 10:45 am
Sephora Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community
Credit: Courtesy

Sephora's latest step towards creating a more inclusive shopping experience deserves a round of applause. Everyone's favorite place for makeup hauls is launching Bold Beauty for the Transgender Community, a new category of makeup classes specifically for customers of all gender expressions.

Beginning in June, attendees of the 90-minute classes will learn new skincare regimens based on their specific needs, tips for creating a smooth base and color-correcting with complexion makeup, plus get their perfect foundation match care of Sephora's in-store Color iQ system.

The free sessions are meant to help people find their own personal style, and provide them with the knowledge and tools to feel confident and beautiful every day. They'll be led by Sephora Beauty Advisors (the title the store gives its sales associates) who identify as transgender.

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Classes will take place at participating Sephora locations throughout the U.S., but if there isn't a location offering them near you, the retailer will share makeup and skincare tutorials by Sephora transgender Beauty Advisors on its Sephora Stands' YouTube Channel.