By Marianne Mychaskiw
Aug 27, 2015 @ 8:30 pm
Credit: Courtesy

Every trip to Sephora always seems to mirror those we used to take to the candy store as kids. More often than not, we discover something completely new, and it takes all of our willpower to not grab everything off the shelves and take it all home. With their new Scouted by Sephora program, the beauty giant is further feeding your retail addiction with an introduction to the under-the-radar products.

Starting right now, you can browse some of the hottest picks from over 40 "indie rock" brands, which the Sephora pros believe we'll be seeing more frequently. The selection ranges from niche labels like Nest Fragrances and Sunday Riley, to products from Skin Inc., Touch In Sol, and Chosungah 22, which are already big in Asia. "Each of the brands has a unique story, and we look forward to pulling back the curtain to share these inside views, and introduce them to our consumers," senior vice president of marketing and brands Deborah Yeh tells WWD. Our bodies are ready. Visit to see the full list, and shop some of our favorite picks below now. Once these up-and-comers make it big, you can proudly declare that you knew their entire catalog before they were cool—you know, just like your hipster ex-boyfriend rocking the thrift store vintage tees.