Sephora's Making It A Lot Easier to Shop In Stores in 2020

The new decade's off to a great start.

Sephora Lead
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Sure, in 2020 it's easier than ever to shop your favorite beauty products and tools at, but we'd be lying if we said there wasn't something special about that in-store experience.

Being able to test out the latest innovations, experience formulas firsthand, and having the retailer's beauty advisers on hand can make a world of difference. And now, Sephora's making it easier than ever to do all of the above.

On Feb. 4, the cosmetics giant announced that it will be opening 100 new locations in over 75 cities across North America in 2020, focusing on local neighborhoods and community centers.

"Everything we do at Sephora is with our clients' evolving needs in mind," Jeff Gaul, Senior Vice President of Real Estate and Store Development at Sephora said in a statement. "In looking at where and how today's beauty lover is shopping, there's no doubt that there's a trend toward more local shopping destinations. This year, clients can expect to see more Sephora stores not only in malls and high-traffic shopping centers, but also closer to home. These locations are meant to complement our existing fleet and give clients a more personalized and customized experience."

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The new stores will use 100% renewable energy, in alignment with retailer's Sephora Stands sustainability program, and offer new navigation features at the front of the store to help shoppers discover new brands found only at Sephora.

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