By Erin Lukas
Updated Jun 03, 2019 @ 12:15 pm
Sephora Training
Credit: John Greim/Getty Images

On Wednesday, June 5 you won't be able to shop at any Sephora location in the U.S. Before you freak out over not being able to restock your go-to mascara or buy that new palette that just dropped, the beauty retailer's decision is for a very good reason.

Sephora announced that it's closing more than 400 stores for one day so employees can attend inclusion workshops as part of its new campaign, "We Belong to Something Beautiful."

This new campaign, which the beauty retailer revealed in late May on its social media channels, "champions all beauty" in a community where "diversity, is expected, self-expression is honored" and "all are welcome."

The workshops are Sephora's first step in supporting its new manifesto. "For our first corporate action in support of this commitment, Sephora will shut its stores, distribution centers, and corporate offices on Wednesday, June 5th, to facilitate a company-wide inclusion workshop," said Sephora CMO Deborah Yeh in a press release. "Through this, we'll look to begin a dialogue with our 16K U.S. employees about what inclusivity and our values mean to Sephora, and we'll plan to sustain this dialogue with future training moments for our fleet."

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Sephora's new initiative comes after singer SZA tweeted on April 30 she was racially profiled at one of the beauty retailer's store locations. According to SZA, she was shopping for Fenty Beauty products at the Sephora location in Calabasas, California when an employee called security to check if she was stealing.

While an incident like SZA's should never happen, it should be applauded that Sephora is taking steps in the right direction to guarantee that all of its customers feel safe shopping in its stores regardless of their race, gender, or sexuality.