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Sephora Insider Program
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If you have a beauty product shopping issue, the first step is admitting it. It's ok — I see you and support you. Contrary to what the haters might tell you, the second step in rectifying the situation isn't quitting your habit: It's enrolling in Sephora's newly updated Beauty Insider program so you get rewards for spending all that hard-earned cash on lipstick and foundation.

Now, the three-tier Beauty Insider program, which was originally initiated in 2007, is giving even more sweet perks to loyal Sephora shoppers. Members at every level — Insider, VIB, and Rouge — are being offered more points for every purchase, more rewards, and more choices at what those rewards (read: products) can be.

Obviously, the higher tier gets better rewards. Your tier is directly related to how much you spend yearly at Sephora. Insiders are free. To be considered a VIB, you have to spend $350 a year, while Rouge members have to spend $1000 a year in products.

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Let's start with points. Insiders will continue to get 1 point for every $1 spent, but VIB members will now receive 1.25 points for every $1. Rouge members also get an upgrade, receiving 1.5 points for every $1 spent.

The increase in points leads to more rewards, and now the Rewards Bazaar Sephora will have fives times more 750+ rewards to choose from, including options in skincare hair care, fragrance, wellness, and color cosmetics. Another bonus for Rogue members is that they can now redeem 2,500 points for a $100 Rouge Reward, and Rogue Rewards will be released into the Bazaar every Tuesday and Thursday.

Sephora will be making customer birthdays even better, too. More birthday gift choices will be available, and VIB and Rouge members will have the option of choosing 250 bonus rewards or the birthday gift offering, so if you have your eyes on a new full-size facial cleanser, you can opt for points to buy it.

Finally, members profiles will now show their status level and how many points they have, so shopping for rewards is easier than ever.

And don't worry. You can still stop into your local Sephora for a mini facial — customer in-store makeovers, beauty treatments, and all the other pre-existing Beauty Insider benefits aren't going anywhere.

When it comes to justifying your shopping addiction, Sephora knows what's up.