Lindsay Dolak
Feb 12, 2016 @ 5:00 pm

Valentine’s Day has a notorious habit of sneaking up on us every single year. One second it’s New Year’s Day and the next it’s the second week of February and we’re scampering to the closest Hallmark shop to find the perfect (albeit extremely last-minute) card for that special someone. If only there were a simpler, stampless way to fire off messages of adoration to our friends and family—cue technology!

Here, we’ve rounded up three of the cutest and most convenient ways to send virtual Valentines using nothing but your cell phone. Looks like there’s a new Cupid on the block this year.


If you worry virtual Valentines can lean a little impersonal, Bitmoji (Free; is the answer. The personal avatar app allows you to create a custom digital version of yourself that can then be placed into various scenarios and backgrounds. Think of it as an emoji version of you but on steroids. The app includes settings of everything from basic salutations to over-the-top holiday greetings for whenever words just aren’t enough. Of course, they are fully stocked with a slew of V-Day themed backdrops. Whether you want to send your bitmoji lying on a bed of rose petals to your significant other or, more innocently, holding a box of chocolates to your parents, it’s easy to spread the love.

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Who Do You XO

Whether you love your significant other, your best friend, or your bottle of wine, Who Do You XO? doesn’t discriminate when it comes to telling the world who or what you adore. The super simple platform, allows you to create a meme and add X’s and O’s to your fave picture of whomever or whatever you’re loving this Valentine’s day. Then, share it to your social networks or send it to your entire inbox to let everyone know you and your darling (or puppy!) love each other like XO.

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Candy Valentine's Hearts

What’s Valentine’s Day without candy hearts? Just another day of the year if you ask us. Avoid the stomach ache, though, with the Valentine's Hearts app ($1; Essentially a new-age riff on the classic past time of sharing candy hearts messages with your crush, the app lets you send virtual candy hearts to anyone. You can choose from more than 4,000 quintessential V-Day phrases or customize your heart with a personalized message. Now you’ve made someone feel sweet and you can keep all of your real candy for yourself. Win, win!

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