Selma Blair Gets Real About Her Depression and Career Struggles on Instagram

Whoever said actresses live glamorous, easy lives should talk to Selma Blair. Since arriving in Hollywood twenty years ago, she's seen a lot of successes, starring in major movies like Cruel Intentions and Legally Blonde, but her time in the spotlight hasn't been easy.

On Tuesday, she took to her Instagram to share a very raw and honest post about her journey, reminiscing about her hopeful arrival in Los Angeles, her struggle with alcoholism and depression, her public breakdown, and the current state of her career.

"I came to Los Angeles over twenty years ago. I lived in this cute studio apt in Brentwood. I met my best friend next door. I met a cute guy and I am still pals with his sister. I had all the hope in the world," she began the post, which she shared along with a goofy photo of her from her early years in L.A. "Auditions came. Work came. I kissed a girl . Hi @sarahmgellar! made friends. I lost many and miss some. I battled alcoholism and depression and anxiety. I am now winning that battle. Hi a much better life! I worked with some of the best directors."

After recounting the early successes of her career, she goes on to talk about her struggle with post partum depression and motherhood. "I had a son. Hi Arthur! I lived with #postpartumdepression for 4 long years. Crippling anxiety. I fell apart. The last moment being very public. I was sorry. I was humbled. I stayed humble." Since her breakdown she's come out the other side, though admits she still struggles. "I cry quietly so as not to wake my child. I am a good mother."

At the end, she remarks about her career and the fears that after a highly successful start to her career that she will never work again. "I have always been an actress. An actress who hasn’t had hope I will really work again," she wrote. "Now, when I finally have a well to draw from. It could all change on some Tuesday afternoon. For better or for worse. I want to have hope again. I want to thank you all for believing in me."

Here's to miracles happening on a random Tuesday, Selma.

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