This is the first time she's colored her hair since it grew back.


Any hair colorist will tell you that you should never attempt to make a big color change while at home. Still, when someone tells you not to do something, it just makes the urge to do it all the more tempting. With salons closed and coronavirus-prompted isolation in place, celebs don't have access to their glam teams. And like many of us, they're taking their hair color into their own hands. While some celebs are embracing their gray hair, others are experimenting with dramatic colors. So far, Hilary Duff has dyed her hair bright blue and Jennifer Love Hewitt has added hot pink highlights to her chocolate brown hair.

Now, Selma Blair is getting in on the hair dye action. Over the weekend, she colored her gray hair dark brown and shared the DIY dye job on Instagram.

Since losing her hair during chemotherapy treatment for multiple sclerosis, the actress has been embracing her "charcoal" gray hair. She wrote about how she's accepted her new salt-and-pepper shade on Instagram in November 2019. "Give in. Embrace. Sure. I’ll try it. Unless...some fancy pants company with a thick checkbook wants to entice me out of dye retirement. Then I will sing about the glories of processed hair! I certainly will," she wrote.

TBA on whether she scored a sponsorship, but she did get some help coming out of dye retirement. Instead of picking up a box dye, Blair turned to celebrity colorist Lorri Goddard for a custom at-home color kit. "Thank you for the drop off mixed color kit," Blair wrote in her post's caption.

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In person face time with your colorist isn't possible right now, so many salons are offering at-home color kits in lieu of salon appointments. Colorists are pre-mixing dye for their clients and dropping it off at their homes at a safe distance. So, if you want to maintain your color while isolating at home, slide into your colorist or salon's DMs to find out if they're offering the service or can give you a consultation on picking the right box dye color.

Take Blair's DIY dye job as proof that with some expert help, dyeing your hair at home can turn out amazing.