A reunion two decades in the making.


What comes around certainly does come around. Back in 1998, Selma Blair worked with director Roger Kumble on the classic Cruel Intentions and now, in 2019, the dynamic duo are back together again in Blair's latest #TBT post. She posted a side-by-side (or top-bottom, in this case) comparison showing the two 21 years apart. Blair teamed up with Kumble again for After We Collided, a sequel to this year's After, a flick that many say hits many of the same notes as Cruel Intentions.

"Reunited. #cruelintentions 1998 on set. And today @aftermovie 2019. I love this man," Blair wrote. The two almost recreated the exact pose, right down to Blair's head tilt, though there are some major differences: Blair's hair color, for one, and Kumble's decidedly off-duty getup. Also, where can we snag some of that sweet Cruel Intentions swag?

Kumble posted the same photo, though his caption got a little more emotional. He looked back at Cruel Intentions and touched on Blair's battle with multiple sclerosis, calling her his "definition of strength" and noting that the production worked around Blair's health concerns to keep her on the project.

"Ugh, I hate being too sappy on social media. I’d prefer to keep my feelings shoved waayyyyyy down deep. Anyhow, one of the highlights of getting to direct @aftermovie 2 was getting to work with my friend, who I made my first movie with, more than 21 years ago," he wrote. "Then I learned she got sick and needed to focus on her health. But thankfully with the support of @annatodd and @jgibgot and @thetexastroya and Voltage Pictures, we were able to put a pin in it and shoot it when she was feeling better. All I can say is, this morning was f-ing great and my friend CRUSHED IT. She is my definition of strength through adversity. Okay, that’s enough of this touchy feely sh*t. Goodnight Cecile aka @selmablair."

After and its sequel follow the story of a naive young college student that falls for a playboy that tells her that he has a lot to teach her. Blair plays that character's mother and if she's drawing from anything she learned on the set of Cruel Intentions, you can bet that she's got a lot of wisdom to pass on.