Selena Gomez Is Releasing Even More Music

When you're ready, come and get it.

After the release of "Lose You to Love Me" and the surprise drop of "Look at Her Now," Selena Gomez is letting fans know that there's plenty more in store. During an appearance on the radio show SiriusXM’s Hits 1 in Hollywood, Gomez explained that she's in a great place right now and that the time she spent away from the spotlight let her work on herself and her music.

Gomez noted that even though she's excited about putting out new material, she's prioritizing herself first. Now that she's in a good place "emotionally, mentally, and spiritually," it's allowing her to express herself and put herself in a place where she can enjoy everything happening around her.

"I've been a huge advocate for taking care of yourself first and that’s always something that is a priority for me, so taking time and allowing myself to maybe self-evaluate and just check and make sure that emotionally, mentally, and spiritually I feel good," Gomez said. "So that will always be number one for me and so I allowed myself to have time for that and like I said, a lot of stuff was happening in my life so I wanted to make sure I could handle it the best that I could."

Selena Gomez Visits The SiriusXM Hollywood Studios in Los Angeles
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As for the music, she wants fans to know that there's a lot of it on the way. A self-described "impatient" person, she assured the show's hosts, Michael Yo, Tony Fly, and Symon, that there's going to be more in no time at all.

"Well, I hope that I don't annoy everyone, but I'm planning on releasing more music," she added. "So that’s probably what I'll be doing. I have so much stuff that I can't wait to share with everyone. I'm impatient."

The two new songs are set to be from a new album, the first since Revival, which was released four years ago. Since that album, she has managed to put out two songs, "Bad Liar" and "Fetish," but she's been busy with other projects, too. She produced 13 Reasons Why and Netflix's immigration documentary, Living Undocumented. With so much going on, it's easy to forget that she hasn't put out any new music, but she's making sure everyone knows that she's set to rule streaming services all over again.

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