Messy hair, no makeup, barely awake: 7 million likes.


When you're Selena Gomez, your Instagram game is so strong that you can literally roll over in bed, take a photo, and start raking in the likes.

Gomez offered her 157 million Instagram followers a sleepy, makeup-free selfie, and it's already amassed over 7 million likes and countless comments. The snap features a bleary-eyed Gomez with messy hair and no makeup, snuggled into a soft, light-blue blanket.

"Me, all the time," Selena wrote alongside the vulnerable selfie. Fans poured into the comment section to call the star "beautiful," relating to her posting from bed and wrapped up in the snuggly throw.

This isn't the first time Selena has shared a cozy photo like this, though. She's shown us a photo of herself taken by a friend where she's seen wrapped up in a blanket in a puffy blue coat and napping peacefully by her dog Winnie. Same vibes as this new selfie, TBH.

"Wednesdays, a huge bright blue comfy and Winnie. ☀," she captioned that snap.

The pop star is no stranger to amassing a ridiculous amount of likes on the social media platform. Currently, she holds the record for sixth and seventh most-liked Instagram posts, following the @world_record_egg account, Kylie Jenner, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, and other celebrities.

Her most-liked selfie, which to date has amassed over 14 million likes, is a simple shot of her on a gondola in Italy. She also holds the 19th and 20th positions on the list, proving when it comes to social media, despite remaining relatively quiet, Selena's got the game on lock.

Gomez has been seen playing around with her look lately, particularly her hair. Recently, she added a striking new set of extensions to a curly ombré lob she was spotted with a week before. It marked the longest the pop star had worn her hair in some time, and the expertly-applied locks gave her a perfectly pleasant look for fall.

Hair changes and makeup on fleek aside, it looks like Selena garners the most attention when she's showing everyone a stripped-down version of herself, if this new selfie is any indication.