Selena Gomez - Hands to Myself - Music Video
Credit: Courtesy YouTube

In her sultry new music video for her single, "Hands to Myself," Selena Gomez takes on a persona that couldn't be farther from her Barney & Friends days, and wow ... she's looking good!

The video begins with Gomez entering a swanky pad wearing only black lingerie and a pair of spiky stilettos (from Emporio Armani's ready-to-wear and underwear collections). The empty home belongs to a hunky character, played by model Christopher Mason, whom Gomez obsesses over. If he's a former flame, she is clearly not over him (in a deranged albeit sexy way). Flashbacks seem to indicate that he an ex-lover, though the scenes could all be in her head. Gomez proceeds to try on his clothes and writhe seductively in his bed until he returns home, calls the police, and has her arrested.

But, there's a twist! It turns out, in the video at least, that the couple are actually together and were just acting in a movie. Phew!

Watch the new music video for "Hands to Myself" here: