Reasons Why Selena Gomez's Break Was So Necessary, Per Her Mom

Selena Gomez - Lead
Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Selena Gomez has been in the spotlight lately thanks to her new romance and new Netflix series—a stark difference from last year, when the 24-year-old singer and actress took a three-month step back from the spotlight. According to Gomez's mother, Mandy Teefey, the break helped Gomez assess her priorities and focus on her well-being.

Teefey and Gomez are co-producers of the new Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, and they walked the red carpet together at the show's premiere on Thursday. The "Hands to Myself" singer was undeniably glowing in her metallic orange dress, and when asked about her daughter's radiant appearance, Teefey credited the time out of the spotlight.

"I think it was actually [from] taking a break," Teefey told Entertainment Tonight. "You asked what it is [like] to feel like you're in this world, we're in a bubble. It's not a real world. You don't really realize it until you go out of this bubble and you're like, 'Oh, OK.'"

VIDEO: Selena Gomez Speaks Out on Her Difficult Time

Stepping away from social media and going without her phone "was the most refreshing, calming, rejuvenating feeling," Gomez explained previously.

That renewed attitude has served Gomez well! This week, 13 Reasons Why came out, and Gomez wrote on Instagram that she "couldn't be more overwhelmed with pride and joy."

We can't wait to see what her next project will be!

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