There are some perks to being reality TV famous ...

Madison Prewett is having a rough week — she got chewed out on live TV by her boyfriend’s mom, she broke up with said boyfriend, and, like everyone else, is dealing with a global pandemic.

But before you light a candle for the 23-year-old, remember there are some very legitimate perks of becoming a reality television star. 1) She pretty much never needs to get a real job. With 1.8 million followers, she can maybe coast on #ad revenue for a while (or at least until she gets another TV op, which you know is on the way). 2) Fame! No one goes on a reality show without an interest (no matter how small) in being a household name. 2b) Famous friends!

Millions of people watch The Bachelor, including Selena Gomez. The singer and actress posted about the season’s finale earlier this week, giving a special shoutout to Prewett herself: “Madi, I love you.”

Selena Gomez - Madison Prewett
Credit: Getty Images

Fast-forward a couple of days and Sel and Madi are “stocking up” (on board games) together at Target. Prewett didn’t have a preference about which games to get (“Um, honestly anything! Everything looks great.”) — Barb, a longtime Scrabble player, is deeply offended (Kidding!).

What a time to be alive.