Twitters think so, so it must be true.


Selena Gomez teased her latest track, "Lose You To Love Me," with a serial-killer style collage on a brick wall. While the visual is striking enough, the lyrics that go along with the song are leading some fans to believe that it's about her ex, Justin Bieber. Gomez and the newly married Biebs have a long (very long) history together, so it's not surprising that she'd draw from that well for some soul-searching tunes. 

"Sang off key in my chorus 'cause it wasn’t yours," Gomez sings in the song. 

Twitter users didn't wait long to speculate who she had to lose to love herself. "Looking forward to hearing Selena Gomez’ [sic] new song. Based on the title 'Lose you to love me' I'm pretty sure this song is about Justin Bieber," one follower commented on the clip. 

Another fan tweeted: "Justin Bieber stans crying because Selena Gomez’s new song might be about him. But his whole discography is about her, he is still googling her name to see her outfit and even his own wife is obsessed with her so stfu. He might get exposed and y'all are scared."

Sources close to Gomez confirmed that the new song is about her famous ex and that fans can expect more songs about the duo's troubled relationship in the days to come. Gomez hasn't released any further information on her album, but knowing her fans, the dots between lyrics and heartbreak will get connected pretty quickly. If there's a reference or mention of Bieber in any of her new material, eagle-eyed fans are sure to find them just like they did with "Lose You To Love Me."

Bieber and Gomez dated in 2011 and 2012 before breaking up. They got back together in 2014 for a few months and then reconnected in 2017. That's a lot of on-and-off time and plenty of heartache to pull inspiration from. With Gomez's past releases reaching such mass appeal, expect the song of the fall to hit your headphones in the coming days.