Are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber going to get back together? That's what everyone wants to know. The exes have been spending a lot of time together following Gomez's breakup from The Weeknd, but while a reconciliation may seem inevitable, they're not there quite yet.

“They’re not officially boyfriend and girlfriend,” an insider tells People. "There’s a long history there obviously with them and they are figuring things out as they spend time together. No one would be surprised if they gave it a real go, but it’s too soon to say how things will unfold now.”

The speculation has ramped up this week, and for good reason. On Wednesday, Gomez was spotted cheering on Bieber at his hockey game in Los Angeles, and as the duo left, she was seen in his jersesy. Earlier in the week they were seen biking together, and last weekend, the former couple attended a church service and ate breakfast together.

They may not be official yet, but with Bieber intent on winning her back, we have a feeling that they'll be together again before the year's out.