Selena Gomez Gives an Empowering Speech on Finding Inner Confidence at the InStyle Awards

Selena Gomez at the InStyle Awards
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Last night's inaugural InStyle Awards may have been packed with stars and very memorable moments, but our favorite? Quite possibly Selena Gomez's moving speech on how her stylist Kate Young empowered her to embrace her beauty, both inside and out. The star took to the stage to present Young with the Stylist of the Year Award, where she gushed about how her friend has truly inspired her to be the best version of herself at this transitional stage in her life.

"Thank you for having me here tonight. I’m here to present an award to Kate Young, who I had the pleasure to meet about a year ago during a very transitional period in my life personally and professionally, and I couldn’t be more thankful to be in the presence of the team I have right now, specifically Kate," Gomez began. "In my generation of the glamorous, awesome social media, there’s this pressure to feel like sexy is tight and cutouts and all these different kind of trends that are happening. I have to say—whether it was my choice or not—Kate would present these beautiful, gorgeous pieces that I would never think to wear and not think that I'd feel sexy in them. Thanks to Kate, I felt incredibly beautiful, and I’m so happy to be able to represent my generation 'cause it isn't a typical thing that girls my age feel."

Gomez—who looked gorgeous in a Louis Vuitton ensemble—also revealed that Young has inspired her to take more risks when it comes to her style. "This was beyond exciting for me, 'cause it's such a world that is foreign and intimidating to be a part of, and my new team and Kate, specifically, has made me feel so warm and welcome, and allowed me to take chances that I really wouldn't have before," the singer said. "I'm beyond stoked and honored to present the award to Kate Young, who is a badass, and so cool and chill, and I ask about all the stories of her life, and I won't tell them to everybody because you're so sick of me. Thank you for making me feel beautiful all the time and like a beautiful young woman, and I couldn't be more thankful for that and for the generation that looks to me. I love you so much and you deserve this, so congratulations."

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—With reporting by Brandi Fowler

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