By Meghan Overdeep
Jun 21, 2016 @ 8:30 am

It was Selena Gomez who took host James Corden for a ride during Monday night's edition of Carpool Karaoke on The Late Late Show. The singer agreed to help Corden carpool to work but it quickly became clear that she was in no rush to get him there. After a rousing rendition of "Same Old Love," Gomez pleads with Corden to take a detour and have a little fun before work.

"Just trust me. Just trust me a little bit," she tells a worried Corden. "It will be fine, it will be fast."

She wasn't kidding about the fast part! The next scene finds the duo at an amusement park and sitting in the first car on a roller coaster. Gomez seems considerably more comfortable than Corden during their mid-ride performance of "Come & Get It" as their car whips through turns and dips.

The pair return to the automobile and knock out more of the 23-year-old's hits, including "Hands to Myself" and "Kill Em with Kindness." Between songs Corden recommends that they take a shot of ginger—something he knows Gomez does as part of her daily routine. They chug the little bottles of ginger, and once again Corden seems considerably less comfortable than his young sidekick.

"Absolutely disgusting!" the host exclaims with tears in his eyes as a giggling Gomez hands him a bottle of water.

With the ginger behind them, they make their way to a nearby McDonalds for some food. Things take a turn for the hilarious yet again when Corden insists that their drinks be served in the cups with the lyrics to Gomez's single "Love You Like a Love Song." The drive-through staff is equal parts starstruck and flustered while Corden sends back a Cyndi Lauper cup and insists on a new one.

"I'm in the car with Selena Gomez!" he cries. "We have got to have the cups with Selena Gomez."

Finally, they get their cups and fries and break into song yet again: this time to "Love You Like a Love Song."

Back on the road, they discuss everything from fandom and boyfriends ("Find me a boyfriend," she tells Corden at one point) to Gomez's position as an OG in Taylor Swift's girl squad—i.e., the perfect opportunity for a performance of "Shake It Off."

As their joyride comes to an end Corden thanks Gomez for showing him such a good time. "You know what? I absolutely did need to cut loose," he admits. "And I could not think of a better person to help me get to work. Thank you so much. I absolutely loved every second of it."

Watch Gomez break it down on Carpool Karaoke in the video at top.