Selena Gomez
Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

No relationship is the same, and neither is how you decide to switch up your hair after you end it.

One week after her most recent breakup with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez decided that her relationship with a bob haircut is back on. The singer, who recently debuted super long chestnut brown hair with wispy bangs at New York Fashion week last month, was spotted today in Malibu with a brand new length that hits a few inches above her shoulders.

Selena Gomez Bob

It's a look she has worn before, but this time around, Gomez went even shorter with what looks like minimal layers and blunt ends. She wore the cut in an air-dried, beachy texture and made it her own by tucking the front pieces behind her ears.

VIDEO: The Art of the Hair Flip with Selena Gomez

There's no right or wrong way to do a breakover, and no one demonstrates this better than Gomez. Following her breakup with The Weeknd, the star transformed her look by simply pulling her hair up into a messy topknot. But, when you want an entirely new vibe, nothing feels as freeing as getting rid of the weight of your hair—and your ex.