By Jonathan Borge
Updated Aug 03, 2017 @ 4:00 pm
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Since her days as Alex Russo on Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place (R.I.P.), Selena Gomez has transformed from an American sweetheart to one of pop’s most seductive divas. Her Top-100 jams are designed to get stuck in your head all day long, but it’s her videos that have really showcased just how much she’s changed in the four short years since her 2013 solo debut, Stars Dance.

Each era of Gomez's discography—and style—has been sharply different from the next. Whereas Stars Dance and singles like “Come and Get It” gave us a desert-ready aesthetic with bejeweled headpieces, long sleeves, and plenty of opportunities to go barefoot, her second effort, For You, found Selena heartbroken (“The Heart Wants What It Wants”) but wanting to play, transitioning from minimal, black-and-white looks to club-ready outfits any 21-year-old would want to wear out.

Revival, a departure from both of those visuals, is where Gomez felt free to experiment, stripping down (literally) in the shower and sporting a boyfriend tee with underwear (“Hands to Myself). Her latest additions, “Bad Liar” and Fetish,” reveal another entirely new Gomez, one unearthing her kinks and, to a degree, getting in touch with her bad side.

In honor of the star’s new hits and her September 2017 InStyle cover, we’ve ranked 10 of her best music video looks. From her glamorous LBDs to scanty, '70s-reminiscent pieces, here are Gomez's music video outfits that cannot be forgotten.

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#10 - "Same Old Love"

With lyrics like “I’m not spending any time wasting tonight on you,” “Same Old Love” is one of Gomez’s sassiest singles. It’s raw. It’s emotional. And, truthfully, it can help you get over your crush in just over three minutes. For the video, the singer keeps it minimal with a silky, black dress beneath an oversize white robe coat. Its simplicity—and her change into an LBD near the end—makes way for the high drama of the relationship scenes throughout the video.

#9 - "Slow Down"

What’s a pop star without her night at the club? In “Slow Down,” we see Gomez race across town in the backseat of a vintage Mercedes-Benz (more on that below), hit the dance floor, and reach peak party-girl. It’s when she hits the streets solo that we're hooked. With her hair slicked back, she transforms a tailored, broad-shouldered, embellished suit jacket into fashion armor. Its perfect pairing? Knee-high gladiators sandals. Strut, girl.

#8 - "The Heart Wants What It Wants"

Regardless of whether or not “The Heart Wants What It Wants” was or wasn’t about Justin Bieber, one thing’s for sure: it gave us Gomez in her most vulnerable state. In the video, she cries and meets up with her lover but later seems disheartened, knowing that their relationship could potentially come to an end. The best way to illustrate her pain? A sheer long-sleeve top she styles above a bra with matching shorts. That vanity scene is particularly elegant—and an excellent way to follow the video’s opening monologue.

#7 - "Good for You"

And just like that, Gomez did what every pop star may at first hesitate to do: film a shower scene. In “Good For You,” we see a stripped-down side of the singer posing atop a couch in a dress and later sitting on a stool with nothing but a T-shirt on. Her shower scene, though, is the video's most iconic moment.

#6 - "Bad Liar"

What is the best look from "Bad Liar?" It's a tough choice—Gomez wears a whopping six of them and styles two outfits with and without a jacket, but we think her wavy, blonde Farrah Fawcett-inspired hair and the athletic clothes to match top them all. She takes on the role of a coquettish, majorly attractive gym teacher and nails it. It made us suddenly want to take on P.E. style.

# 5 - "Hands to Myself"

Another sultry effort off Revival, “Hands to Myself” finds Gomez telling us that when she finds a guy hot, she wants him all—to the point of obsession. In the video, she stalks a lover, enters his home, and eventually gets arrested for it. What would any girl do inside her guy’s closet? Try on his button-down shirt, Risky Business-style, of course. Gomez does just that and dances in front of the mirror in her underwear. Goals.

#4 - "Kill Em with Kindness"

Simply put, “Kill Em With Kindness” is shot beautifully. It’s clean, it’s minimal, and it's artistic. Yes, Gomez's black slip dress and the LBD you see as the chorus hits are beautiful, but it’s that white, silky frock with a billowing tulle tail that takes the cake. Who doesn’t love a little drama?

# 3 - "Fetish"

We’re still trying to wrap our heads around what, exactly, is going on in “Fetish.” Gomez smashes pink lipstick all over her teeth, slides an eyelash curler into her mouth, and sits at the head of a creepy dinner table topped with burning candles. It’s in that scene, when water begins to drip from the ceiling, that we see a sheer yellow floral dress from Simone Rocha’s spring 2017 collection. It’s feminine and frilly, the perfect choice for those witchy few seconds on camera.

#2 - "Slow Down"

“Slow Down” makes another appearance on our list for one reason and one reason only: that backseat moment. “Now that I have captured your attention,” Gomez sings as the song and video kick off, knowing that her look is major. Those glistening, dangling emerald earrings are the perfect complement to her totally embellished, silver-and-green bejeweled bra top, a possible nod to the Latin star she honors on For You, Selena Quintanilla.

# 1 - "Come and Get It"

What first comes to mind when you think of Selena Gomez, the musician? “Come and Get It” is often the first answer, and for good reason. The single, off her Stars Dance debut, is as contagious as they come, which makes the video just as fiery hot. After she dances her way through a prairie in one scene, we see Selena and a group of mystical-looking dancers seated behind her on the sand. It’s very Shakira, very gypsy. The pop star's high-slit red dress, coupled with the on-point choreography, elevates her to new, post-Disney levels.