When bad things happen to good hair, a (made-up) tale by Selena Gomez. Look, everyone knows that Gomez is #hairgoals—and her new campaign for Coach is further proof of that. The singer's flowing, '70s-style waves in the backseat of that Plymoud Fury? Forget about it!

But, even our hair heroine has to sometimes pause and wonder: what is my hair? (Girl. Been there.)

Need proof? Coach just posted some cute, behind-the-scenes footage from a shoot with its new star. Wearing a ruffled, floral-pattern dress with a tie-neck and a plunging silhouette, the star looks fire as always. Well, except for one thing.

Her short, slicked back tresses are serving a bit of mullet; the top brings that There's Something About Mary "gel" moment to mind. Totally in on the joke, Selena let out a good-natured giggle at the whole display. After all, what are questionable hairstyles for, if not to lighten the mood on set a little?

The funny 'gram also shows Gomez blowing sweet air kisses to her fans while wearing a chunky chain-link bracelet. And in one final pose, the 13 Reasons Why producer turns her back to the camera to show off a cozy, shearling-lined coat.

Honestly? These campaign teasers are making us pretty psyched for PSL weather.