Will the teasers ever end?

Selena Gomez has been baiting fans with a series of mysterious Instagram posts over the past week that have had Selenators everywhere wondering just exactly what the star was up to, and now we finally know for sure—she's dropping a brand new single titled "Bad Liar" tomorrow. The 24-year-old confirmed the news today when she released the song's lyrics online, and we can't help but wonder who the tune is about.

"I was walking down the street the other day / Trying to distract myself / Then I see your face / Ooh, you got someone else," the track begins. It's clear from the beginning that the song is about a person, presumably Gomez, not being about to come to terms with a breakup. And as the lyrics progress, it’s obvious the song’s subject is having a lot of trouble moving on. "In my room there's a king size space / Bigger than it used to be / If you want you can rent that place / Call me an amenity / Even if it's in my dreams," it continues before leading into the chorus. "All my feelings on fire / Guess I'm a bad liar."

Check out more of her teasers below while you ponder the words, and get ready to hear "Bad Liar" when it hits May 18.

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