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When Selena Gomez revealed she had a surprise film coming out, we knew we had a treat in store. But since then we've realized "treat" is an understatement.

Today Gomez released a brand-new film for her song "Bad Liar," and the video is nottrianhing like we expected.

Girls producer Jesse Peretz directed the superstar in a storyline packed with '70s vibes, teen angst, and a love triangle—and Gomez plays not one but four people.

Bad Liar Embeds - Studen
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The video kicks off with Gomez playing a bookish teen who gets shoved in the hallways and eventually pans to her dad, who is a teacher at the school. The catch? Gomez plays both parts.

Bad Liar Embeds - Husband
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The singer dons a mustache and an ill-fitting suit to play her own middle-aged father, before showing up on screen again as a pretty gym teacher with blonde Farrah Fawcett hair:

Bad Liar Embeds - Gym Teacher 1
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Teenage Gomez watches her dad (err, herself?) flirt with the gym teacher before going home and seeing her mom. Guess who plays her? If you guessed Gomez yet again, you're spot on.

Bad Liar Embeds - Wife
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The music video is shot through a yellow-tinged retro lens and incorporates subtle '70s decoration details, from the shag carpeting to her eyebrow style, but it all ends on a completely unexpected note—when teenage Gomez is about to fall asleep in bed after school, she pulls out a Polaroid of the gym teacher herself. Is this a romantic triangle of crushes? Or more like a square?

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Just when we thought the music video had ended, Gomez fit in one last surprise before the screen faded out—a teaser for an upcoming project called Fetish. As if lusting after the gym teacher who flirts with your dad isn't fetish-like enough.

We can't wait to see what other surprises Gomez has in store for us because if this video tells us anything, it's that she has a lot of them.

Click on the video at top to watch the new film for yourself.