Selena Gomez Admits That Her Gorgeous Hair Is "Very Fake"

Selena Gomez
Photo: ason Merritt/Getty Images

Selena Gomez may be the face of Pantene, but that doesn't mean her gorgeous tresses are au naturel. In an interview with YouTube star Lilly Singh earlier this week, the star confessed that she gets a little help in the hair department.

After Singh playfully asked the the 23-year-old singer to tug at her locks to verify that they were real (to which Gomez obliged), the singer laughed and tugged at the long strands on her own head, saying, "Mine however is very fake." Talk about some really great extensions.

During the sit down, Gomez also revealed a slew of other interesting facts about herself, including that her two favorite Taylor Swift songs are "Bad Blood" and "Wildest Dreams," that her favorite emoji is the heart, and that her favorite song off her new album Revival is "Kill Em With Kindness."

Real or fake, we'd say Gomez's hair is still worthy of a beauty campaign. Watch the full interview below.

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