As Seen on the Today Show: Products With a Purpose

Products with a Purpose
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This morning, InStyle editor Subira Shaw stopped by The Today Show to discuss six fashion companies and three basic-needs brands that follow the one-for-one business model—you buy one of their products, they donate one special something to a charity in need—just in time for spring gift giving. And we have the full list right here! From Out of Print Clothing, that donates one book for every book-inspired tee you buy, to Baby Teresa, a brand that donates one of their rompers each time they sell one, each has found new ways to give back. Find out more about each of the companies below.

FIGS Through the brand's "Threads for Threads" program, FIGS has partnered with 105 schools worldwide to give one school uniform to a child every time they sell a tie ($55 to $75 on

Bel Kazan NecklacesBel Kazan also donates school uniforms, to Balinese children in need, for each of their Droplet necklaces sold ($48 on

Baby TeresaThe romper makers donate one romper to a baby in need for every one of their rompers you purchase ($30 to $35 on Since 2009, Baby Teresa has donated to more than 20 countries around the world.

Everything HappyFor any one of their products sold, including blankets and plush toys, Everything Happy sends the same product to a child involved with the Ronald McDonald charity. Shop pillows, blankets, and gift sets on

Soapbox SoapsFor every bar of soap sold ($5 on, Soapbox Soaps donates one bar of unscented soap to children on four continents around the world. Plus, all the bars are gluten- and cruelty-free, and they're packaged in recycled materials!

One Million LightsWith a mission to offer everyone clean and healthy lighting, One Million Lights donates one flashlight to a family in need for every one we purchase ($39 at

One World Futbol ProjectInspired by Sting's song "One World (Note Three)", this company gifts one virtually indestructible ball (i.e. it never needs a pump) to disadvantaged communities in refugee camps and war zones for every ball purchased (pictured, $39.50 at

Out of Print ColthingOut of Print Clothing celebrates time-honored stories like The Great Gatsby (pictured) on tees. And for every tee you buy ($28 on, the company donates one book through Books for Africa.

Smile Squared Smile donates one of its biodegradable bamboo ($6 on toothbrushes every time you purchase one, helping get the word out about protecting the environment, too.

Plus, learn more ways that fashion gives back!

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