See President Obama Recite a Valentine’s Day Poem to the First Lady

Obama Valentine's Message - Ellen
Photo: Courtesy YouTube

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are no strangers to The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where they’ve made several visits during their two terms. So when POTUS stopped by to see DeGeneres this week, she had a surprise in store for him: A V-Day video card from none other than FLOTUS herself. Michelle pulled out all the stops and even recited a ditty (which she jokingly insisted she wrote while doing pushups): “Roses are red, violets are blue, you are the President and I am your boo.” Her last request? That her husband bring her back some chocolate.

In true DeGeneres fashion, she couldn’t let the President off the hook without him making a similar Valentine’s Day profession to his wife. The most heartwarming part? When Obama stood up on stage smack in the middle of two huge vases of roses and declared: “I’ve made a lot of great decisions as President, but the best decision I ever made was choosing you.”

To see what POTUS promised to do for his wife this Valentine’s Day, watch the clip below.

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