See Jennifer Aniston's Bobbed Haircut Up Close, and Get Exclusive Details From the Star and Her Hairstylists!

Jennifer Aniston Hair - Chris McMillan
Photo: Courtesy Photo

It's back to the bob for Jennifer Aniston! Today, the star's hairstylist Chris McMillan shared a selfie of himself and Aniston, which showcased a closer shot of her sleek bob, seen first on InStyle. The reason behind her big change? "Honestly, I was bored," she told exclusively, laughing. "We did a photo shoot and it was one of those things where I was bored with my previous look, and my friend Gucci [Westman] did my makeup -- she had gotten a really cute haircut, so I got inspired by that. It was definitely time to get another cut since it's been a couple of years." If you're suddenly feeling inspired to make the change as well, McMillan recommends asking for an A-line bob with no hard edges when you arrive at the salon. "We are calling this look the un-precious bob. The hair has long pieces in the front and is shorter in the back," he told us. "It will honestly work on all hair types! If you don't have wavy hair like Jennifer, you can use Living Proof's Amp ($24; to give it that piecy-ness. She also likes to put the Perfect Hair Day product ($26; into damp hair, and let it air-dry." In addition to her shorter length, her colorist Michael Canalé also upgraded her 'do with new highlights. "I really made a point to emphasize extra blonde around her face and along the sides, about a quarter inch in from the hairline so it blended fluently with the rest of her hair," he said. "We went for more of a baby blonde color as opposed to the sandy blonde color that she came in with." We can't wait to see the many ways she plans to style her new look with the upcoming awards season! "What I have now with the cut is fun, because it's something different," she added.

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