Diane Kruger
Credit: Courtesy

If you need a reason to be more diligent about your skincare regime in 2015, let Diane Kruger’s gorgeous campaign for Chanel serve as motivation. To front the new Hydra Beauty Micro Serum ($110;, the star showcased her glowing skin and a slightly shimmery eye in the shot above.

Although the product has yet to officially launch online, her immaculate complexion already has us eager to pick up a bottle for ourselves. "Love my new Hydra Beauty ads for Chanel!" Kruger wrote on Instagram. "One of my favorite products from Chanel ... so fresh and light on the skin."

Though her skin today is #Flawless enough to suggest that she, along with Beyoncé, are among the elite few who can truly say they woke up like this, it didn't come without work on Kruger's end. "I wasn't blessed with great skin. I used to have rosacea, and I still struggle with undereye circles," she previously told InStyle. "I've noticed my skin looks better when I don't drink, so I stopped six weeks before the Cannes Film Festival. It did me wonders, I slept better than ever. It kind of sucked, though, because I enjoy a glass of wine." We hear that, sister.

Keep an eye out for Kruger and her radiant complexion in more of the campaign ads, and find the Hydra Beauty Micro Serum at later this month!