By Kate Donovan
Jul 10, 2014 @ 1:30 pm
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It's a food lover's dream: Every summer, thousands of buyers, chefs, and culinary aficionados descend upon New York City for the Fancy Food Show. With more than 2, 700 vendors from 49 different countries, the event showcases every kind of specialty food possible, from sea-salt dusted caramels to truffle-infused goat cheese. In between sips of seltzer, we tested an array of delicacies, including spicy mustards, tea cocktails, and of course, ice cream. Check out our favorites below!

1. Brooklyn-based candy company Salty Road, offers up inventive flavors of salt water taffy (pictured above) like Salty Mango Lassi and Sour Cherry ($6.50;

2. We love these rainbow-colored canisters of spice blends and rubs from Victoria Gourmet ($9.50;

Spices! #summerfancyfoodsshow #spice

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3. These full-bodied coffee blends are organic, fair trade, and produced in small batches in rural Vermont ($10 and up;

Time for some coffee #specialtyfood

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4. The Eureka Lemon and Marionberries ice cream from McConnel's Fine Ice Creams is the perfect blend of tart and sweet flavors ($10 per pint;

The Eureka Lemon and Marionberry was especially delicious #summerfancyfoodsshow #icecream

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5. It was hard to stop with just one sample of this gluten-free almond cake, served with a drizzle of balsamic strawberry coulis and fresh whipped cream ($8;

Delicious gluten-free almond cake with fresh whipped cream #dessert #summerfancyfoodsshow

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6. We can't wait to try out this Sea Salt and Maple butter from Vermont Creamery on a stack of warm pancakes (go to for retailers):

Sea salt and Maple butter

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7. No kid (or adult) will be able to resist these ricotta-filled wonders from Nuovo Pasta ($112 for 12 lb.;


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8. This U.K.-based company utilizes Ayurvedic principles to create herbal tea blends (our favorite is "Detox", a mix of Aniseed, Fennel and Cardamom) that are both delicious and good for you ($5 and up,

Drinking some Love #specialtyfood

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