Results cast - Sundance 2015
Credit: Christopher Ferguson

You know those people who are SO SERIOUS at the gym? Well, How I Met Your Mother alum Cobie Smulders plays one of 'em in Results, out this weekend, and it's definitely worth skipping the weights and heading to the theater for. The quirky romantic comedy is centered on the Austin gym Power 4 Life, and specifically on the gym staff's love lives, including owner Trevor (Guy Pearce) and trainer Kat (Smulders), and their clients, like Danny (Kevin Corrigan). You have plenty of belly, er rock-hard abs, laughs from Trevor's high-and-mighty mantras about the spiritual benefits of working out to Kat's down-and-dirty approach to kick a client's ass into shape. Actually, Katy's client just happens to be Danny, who's none too interested in the process, but pays a lot of money for it anyway. We caught up with the cast at InStyle's Sundance Film Festival portrait studio, including co-stars Constance Zimmer, who plays Trevor's friend-with-benefits, and Brooklyn Decker, who as an Austin native, filmed one scene that appears near the end of the movie.

For Smulders, she loved the idea of getting into the mindset of personal trainers. "I feel like there’s a certain type of person that can do the job of being a personal trainer, and that type of person probably has some types of issues with the relationships the way these characters do," she told InStyle. "Mine is that she has a very big anger management problem; she’s very driven and she’s very independent and very controlling. She thinks the mental thing Trevor believes in is hippy-dippy BS."

Fun fact: Smulders was pregnant while shooting the movie, though you can barely tell at all. "I was very lucky pregnant woman this time around—I didn’t really start showing until I was like seven months," she said. "I did a lot of cardio and a lot of lifting, but I couldn’t get a six-pack. When I got the film I was like, I'm gonna get jacked! Then I just couldn’t; I could only go so far." After shooting wrapped, the positive impact remained. “I felt so strong and empowered, and really capable of being able to physically handle any situation that would come my way.”

For Zimmer, she had ulterior motives for signing onto the project. "When you get a call and somebody is saying we’d love you to do this part, there are two sex scenes with Guy Pearce, I said 'Oh, just stop there.' You don’t turn that down," she joked. "But, honestly, it was a part that I don’t get to play very often, because everybody always wants me to play the strong bitch, and this character is not that. She is this real estate career woman who works out six days a week and she’s all about health. I started my career with goofy, wacky characters, and now I’ve kind of been stuck playing these very, very serious bitchy girls. She was not that. So I was really excited." So are we.

Watch a trailer for the film below. It opens in theaters nationwide today.