Cher Portrait
Credit: Michael Ochs Archives

No other star has made bold style statements—or sparked decade-defining trends—quite like Cher. And as she kicks off her 69th year we can't help but marvel at how she's influenced the world of fashion as much as music and films.

In the '60s, the lankier half of Sonny and Cher rocked bangs, black eyeliner, bell-bottoms, and bobcat vests, launching a hippie aesthetic that was coupled with a heavy dose California glamour. In the '70s she took TV by storm in a variety series that showcased her mannequin-thin silhouette in bare-bellied, bugle-beaded Bob Mackie confections. The '80s and '90s saw Cher in leather jackets, leotards, and fishnets. In 2010, Cher recorded a new album in Nashville and returned to the big screen in Burlesque, opposite Christina Aguilera.

At 69, Cher has best-selling albums, sold-out shows, and a "final farewell" tour under her belt. She continues to stun on the red carpet—most recently at this year's Met Gala, where Kim Kardashian revealed her Roberto Cavalli ensemble was inspired by the music legend’s Bob Mackie gown that she wore to the event back in 1974.

In honor of Cher's birthday, we're taking a look back at the star's signature style moments.