The Secrets to Great Style, Straight from Olivia Munn's Stylist

Olivia Munn and Micaela Erlanger
Photo: Courtesy Olivia Munn

Olivia Munn is today’s guest editor! Check back throughout the day for exclusive content straight from the actress herself. Go to Here, the actress interviews her stylist, Micaela Erlanger (with Munn above), on the secrets to great style.

Olivia Munn: What's the one piece of clothing you should splurge on?Micaela Erlanger: A Moto jacket and backpack—I'm a classic girl and also a practical one. So I want mileage out of my purchases. This season I think every girl should have a Céline biker jacket and a Saint Laurent backpack.

OM: What is the new trend for fall?​ How do I incorporate that in a small way if I feel like it's too trendy for me? ME: I think plaid is forever a classic and forever chic. The great thing about wearing plaid for fall is that you can incorporate it in so many ways—accessories, flannels, scarves—you name it! It's an easy trend to add and play with in your wardrobe. I also think the Chelsea boot is the chicest item this season—you can find super cute styles everywhere from Saint Laurent to Zara and J.Crew.

OM: Is style something you're born with or something you learn?ME: I think it's both. And I think I am both. Sometimes people are born as more aesthetically-inclined individuals. However over time, life does train and influence the eye.

OM: How did you become such an amazing stylist?ME: Years of interning and assisting and research. I learned from the ground up. Studying the works of others has been invaluable in influencing my eye. Another important thing that I believe impacts my client relationships is that my clients and I really have a strong communication. Listening and understanding someone's needs, preferences and objectives is critical—then being able to translate and execute those things in a powerful way is what makes a stylist good at their job.

OM: What's your trick for getting a client to wear something you know is amazing but that they're not really feeling?ME: I lay out all the facts for them. I'm never going to force a client to wear something that they don't like or feel great in. However, if we are making steps to forward their image by wearing a certain brand, taking a risk, pushing the envelope. I will have an honest conversation. At the end of the day our work together is collaboration. So knowing that a client feels great is all that matters.

OM: How do you have time to sleep and eat? You're always on the move!ME: Ha! Great question. Luckily I sleep on planes pretty easily and thank heavens for all the food delivery services in New York City! But most of all it comes down to balance. Having a healthy balanced work/life is crucial to finding happiness and success. So when I'm not on the road and with my clients I take the time to spend it with friends and family. I also would be remiss if I didn't acknowledge the fact that I have a wonderful team that help keep the office running smoothly while I run around the world!

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OM: You and your clients are always on the road—what's your best tip for packing?ME: I advise always packing in outfits–this way you don't over do it. Things to never forget: extra socks and underwater, chargers, toothbrush? And one day to night fancy look (JUST in case a party or fabulous occasion happens to come up). You have to be prepared but you don't want to have to schlep a ton either.

OM: What is your beauty routine? You are always on the run and your skin always looks fresh. ME: I have a very simple beauty routine, but for me the most important thing is drinking enough water, wearing sunscreen, and I also try to get facials regularly. Joanna Vargas in N.Y.C. gives life changing skin care and I love all her products too—they literally make you glow.

OM: What's your tip for looking great if you are on a budget?ME: Invest in your accessories! A fabulous pair of shoes in a punchy color, a killer bag, and a piece of statement jewelry is all you need. In fact that would transform just a casual pair of jeans and a tee. Throw on a little jacket and you're ready to go!

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