One and Done! This Product is The Secret To Reese Witherspoon's Contoured Cheekbones

Reese Witherspoon/Cover Story - Lead
Photo: Giampaolo Sgura

Want to know how Reese Witherspoon works her angles? The star's longtime makeup artist Molly R. Stern has a simple trick that makes a big difference.

"To add depth to her face, I use an eyeshadow as a cheek contour," says Stern, who created Witherspoon's natural, yet defined look for our May issue. "After the shoot, I brushed Lancôme's Color Design Eye Shadow in Cinnamon Sucre ($20; on Reese's lids and lash line, and then I dipped my blush brush back in the powder and worked it into the hollows of her cheeks. It gives your face a nice color tonality if you use the same shade on the eye and cheekbone." The bronzy taupe color is the ultimate twofer!

Lancome Eyeshadow - Embed
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