By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Feb 04, 2015 @ 11:32 am
Camila Alves Eyebrows
Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty Images; Courtesy

Eyebrows are one feature that can either make or break your entire look. By this point, it's a given that too-thin arches or odd punctuation-esque shapes aren't ideal, but the fill-in method can be tricky---if you happen to go a little too hard with your pencil, your friends might think you accidentally placed a Sharpie pen in your makeup bag.

Camila Alves’s natural, yet defined, appearance is one we're constantly trying to achieve, and our internet history with the countless searches for "Camila Alves eyebrows" only drives the point home. To achieve her flawless set, Alves enlists the expertise of Marco Ochoa, who she has dubbed "the brow magician."

"I am very particular about who I allow to shape my brows because I believe that they are the most important feature on the face," she says. "I only go to Marco because he has mastered the technique of shaping eyebrows by simply using thread, while avoiding any pain for the client. He also really listens to what you want, and then makes the magic happen."

Even if you're working with sparse arches, we recommend following in Alves's lead by visiting a pro for regular brow threading appointments. It may seem counter-intuitive, but the threads actually help to stimulate hair growth in over-plucked areas that have been dormant for years, and a more-precise shape aids the process of filling them in.

On Alves, Ochoa uses his EcoBrow Defining Wax in Liz ($26; to match her dark brunette hue (top left). Available in a total of four easy to wear colors, each shade is named for Ochoa's favorite Hollywood Icons: Marilyn, Rita, Penelope, and Liz. The formula is just as gentle as it is blendable---EcoBrow's Defining Wax is 100 percent natural, and is jam-packed with nourishing ingredients like minerals and vitamin E, which can help to condition your brows.