By Claire Stern
Dec 20, 2014 @ 10:08 pm
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There was a time not long ago when people gave each other handwritten cards for the holidays, or even (gasp) doled out well-wishes in person. In 2014, the sad truth is that the best we can expect from a friend or loved one is a text—and hopefully not a mass one. Mocking the unspoken world of words and emojis in which we live is all-male acappella group Straight No Chaser, whose just-released holiday ditty, "Text Me Merry Christmas" featuring Kristen Bell is quickly becoming one of our new favorites.

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The Indiana-bred, 10-person troupe formed during their undergraduate years at Indiana University in the mid-'90s, and quickly grew into an international act. Currently, they're on their Happy Hour Tour, which travels from the midwest all the way to Europe. And seeing as SNC is primarily known for their rendition of "12 Days of Christmas," it was only natural that they followed up with another cheerful tune. "We wanted to get back to the humorous side of the holidays," member Seggie Isho told InStyle. "At any given time on tour, most of us are going to be looking at our phones. Texting Merry Christmas is like saying, 'I care, but not enough to call you.'"

When Isho found out Bell was on board with the project, he couldn't have been more excited. "She's super funny and doesn't take anything too seriously, which really fits our vibe because nobody takes us seriously," he said. He and his singing-mates recorded the nearly three-minute song in two studio sessions and followed up the release with an old-timey cartoon music video reminiscent of Christmas specials past, but with a modern twist. The takeaway? When you're done pillaging your presents on Christmas morning, don't forget to snap a quick selfie.

Watch the music video for “Text Me Merry Christmas” below, and buy Straight New Chaser's new album Under the Influence on the iTunes Store

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