Credit: Indigitalimages

We don’t need to be told that the state of our skin changes seasonally—the dry patches that pop up on our cheeks come winter do the job just fine, thank you. But the shift that happens to our hair as the seasons change is a bit more subtle. With summer on the horizon, we’re doing everything we can to brace our strands for humidity and sun—and finding the right shampoo is the first step.

“Especially if you live somewhere with dramatic temperature changes, it’s important to adjust your shampoo depending on the season,” says Vaughn Acord, co-owner and artistic director at New York's Mizu Salon and founder of haircare line V76 by Vaughn. Why? Some formulations might exacerbate seasonal hair issues like dryness or, on the flip side, oiliness.

For cool weather, scope out the shampoo section for claims like “moisturizing” and “hydrating.” As with your skin, your hair and scalp become dehydrated when exposed to cooler temps. We like vitamin-rich shampoos with conditioning agents like almond butter—Acord's own V76 by Vaughn Hydrating Shampoo ($24, does the trick—or oil-based formulas that coat the hair to lock in moisture.

When warmer months hit, keep in mind that "from the sun to chlorine, your hair and scalp are exposed to damaging agents in the summer," says Acord. “Your aim should be to cleanse the hair while also being mindful that your scalp is in a vulnerable state.” Avoid overly astringent or harsh shampoos in favor of lightweight, soothing formulas with botanical ingredients. Your sunburned scalp will thank you.