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Rosé season may be behind us, but with fall fast approaching, wine lovers still have plenty to toast to. We recently asked certified sommelier Madeline Puckette, who just released her first book, Wine Folly ($14; amazon.com), based on her educational blog of the same name, which bottles to try as the leaves begin to change. The comprehensive, 240-page tome features detailed taste profiles, regional maps, and quick tips on storing, tasting, and serving, which renders it the ideal resource to keep on-hand for holiday entertaining. Check out her three suggestions below, along with the perfect fall dishes to pair them with.

For entertaining: Moulin de la Gardette Grenache ($30; klwines.com)
This red, sourced in southern France, features spicy herbal notes of oregano, lavender, and tobacco that pair well with roasted vegetables, like this roasted carrots dish courtesy of chefs Andrew Ticer and Michael Hudman of Hog & Hominy in Memphis, Tenn.

For a relaxing night in: Blady’s Rainwater Madeira ($15; klwines.com)
While it's generally used as a cooking wine, the subtle caramel flavor in this Portuguese red is best served alongside something sweet, like these chocolate bouchons from Top Chef winner and Chicago-based chef Stephanie Izard. "It makes me want to cuddle up and watch the rain," says Puckette.

For date night: Beeson Ranch Zinfandel ($40; drycreekvinyard.com)
For a rich red, try a glass of Zinfandel. Merlot fans will love its full-bodied taste, which complements hearty, meat-based dishes, such as cookbook author Leah Koenig's mouthwatering brisket.