Season 3, Episode 7 of Revenge: Get the Fashion Credits Straight From Costume Designer Jill Ohanneson!

Revenge - Season 3, Episode 7
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As Daniel and Emily's wedding date grows closer and closer, things only get more and more turbulent between the Graysons and the rest of the Hamptons elite with each episode of Revenge. Conrad, desperate to fix the family's image, hires a publicist named Bizzy Preston to keep up appearances, which prompts Nolan Ross to start a revenge plot of his own -- a few years before, it was Bizzy who ruined Nolan's relationship with his father by publicly outing him. Preston finds out about Emily's past marriage, which was bait set by the revenge queen herself, and Bizzy takes it, wasting no time in spilling the information to Victoria."It's getting really good," said costume designer Jill Ohanneson. "The drama just keeps building and building!"

Meanwhile, Daniel reconciles with Sara, and asks her to make the cake for his wedding to Emily. After a quick tasting of her work, Emily agrees, and the couple hires Sara for the job. Victoria, intent on causing friction, tells Aiden to get back into Emily's life, otherwise he'll lose his job. He and Emily quickly strike a plan to be seen together in front of Victoria, but the act isn't convincing enough for the Grayson matriarch. Nolan finds a way to break into Bizzy's phone, learning she has been unfaithful to the husband she constantly dotes on. Just before he plans to reveal her infidelity, Bizzy apologizes, and instead of spilling the details, Nolan tells her to be true to her husband.

Things are also heating up for Jack and Margaux, who have an intimate date at the Stowaway -- and we see Jack in a slightly more-polished getup than usual. "He definitely made an effort! He does the best he can since fashion isn't really his world, but when he goes to Voulez or is on a date with Margaux, he does make an attempt," Ohanneson said. He cuts the date short, still not over his late wife Amanda, and after a heartbreaking scene where he visits her grave and leaves behind his wedding ring, Jack is finally ready to move on. Week after week, we catch up with Ohanneson, who tells us all about what each character wore and why. Get all the details on what each of the Hamptons A-listers were wearing in our gallery!

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